About Volunteer Skillsbank

How Volunteer Skillsbank evolved

The Centre was funded to set-up and co-ordinate the Volunteer Skillsbank project in North East Victoria, in partnership with the Rural City of Wangaratta, the Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program, Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau and WangNET. Initial funding came from a Department for Planning and Community Development (DPCD) Volunteer Support Grant, with later support from an ACFE Community Learning Partnership.

The project “Our Community, Being Together” aimed to strengthen and develop the general community by:

  • identifying and implementing new approaches to volunteering or voluntary participation
  • defining more appropriate ways of attracting, equipping and supporting voluntary activity
  • developing support networks of/for volunteers and the organisations who use them
  • developing innovative support structure/systems for organisations who wish to recruit and retain volunteers
  • assisting voluntary groups/organisations to improve governance
  • promoting the use of volunteers throughout the general community

The concept of Volunteer Skillsbank was and is based on community feedback.

The overall aim of the development of Volunteer Skillsbank was to make its operations sustainable and available to other interested parties.


Project Delivery

The project setup a centralised Volunteer Skillsbank to align the skills and experience of participants wanting community interaction and involvement with organisations requiring skills and resources.

Through this project, The Centre delivered three core project outcomes:

  • a co-ordinated easy-to-access central point of contact for participants and organisations, designed to facilitate the matching of skills available and skills required
  • a “Volunteer Skillsbank” (database) of participants with skills and experience, available to assist the community and its organisations
  • a sustainable self-managing infrastructure for support, training and mentoring of both volunteers and organisations participating in the project

The essential component of the project is the ability to provide a variety of skills and experience (e.g. management and governance skills) required to provide ongoing benefits for the community.

The Volunteer Skillsbank infrastructure and operation model is available to other interested Volunteer Co-Ordination Centres for a small annual charge. There is no charge for Volunteers and Not-for-Profit organisations to register to use the functionality of Community Skillsbank.

For more information, contact Volunteer Skillsbank at csb@thecentre.vic.edu.au


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