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CSB Testimonials

Thank you for your testimonials.





If you would like to give us positive feedback on any aspect of
Volunteer Skillsbank Volunteering,

Marg Pullen

Chair Person

Community Pride Committee

The Community Pride Committee acknowledges the support and benefits of partnerships formed with Skillsbank. On 14 May, 2012 the success of the Volunteer Appreciation Day with 52 Volunteerscapes on display and 300 participants attending the event, demonstrated what can be achieved, when organisations care and share ideas to celebrate the great achievements of volunteers, residents and organisations in our region.

Nicky Seddon


Skills bank is a wonderful way for people to give back something to  their community and by matching you to a program or service by your interest or skills , not only are you benefiting the community but you get to enjoy doing something you love or are interested in 

Evelyn Parr


I would like to thank the CommunitySkillsbank for the work they do in creating so many wonderful volunteering opportunities for people like me.  It's great having so many choices!  

Diane Farmer

Presenter, Oak fm

Hello Community Skillsbank

Thank you for all the support you have given us over the past 12 months. You have been great and ....
I loved your people and your organisation so much, I volunteered!

Love & Best Wishes
Diane Farmer, Presenter Oak fm.

Trevor Barker

Manager Rural Community Support, VicRelief Foodbank

Dear Community Skillsbank Team:

You do an amazing job. The value of your work to the community is brilliant and very very much appreciated.

Trevor Barker
Manager Rural Community Support
VicRelief Foodbank

Bob Cairns

Community Skillsbank and its staff have been very helpful in finding volunteer opportunities for me, with a variety of leads throughout the area, which interested me.

Regards Bob Cairns

Graham Watson

Program Manager, CARN APG Alpine/Indigo

I commend Community SkillsBank on the quality of volunteers being referred to us, and feel confident in continuing this working relationship with this most valuable volunteer resource.

Graham Watson, CARN APG Alpine/Indigo Program Manager

Donna Logan

Rangeview Nursing Home

I would really like to thank you for the great job you are doing in finding me some terrific volunteers.

Cheers Donna Logan

Ray Thomas

Project Co-ordinator, Regent Honeyeater

Thanks for supporting us and I look forward to seeing some more great volunteers from your clientelle.

Good wishes, Ray Thomas

Sasha Molodtsov

Marketing & development manager, Evolve at Typo

Typo Station Volunteering - A Great Success!

Thanks again for all your help, we could not work without the conribution of willing supporters. On behalf of Evolve at Typo Station, thank you very much for co-ordinating such wonderful volunteers...

Sasha Molodtsov,
Marketing & development manager, Evolve at Typo.

Suzanna Christison

Co-ordinator, Evolve at Typo

I really enjoy the energy of working with your groups of volunteers, and the Skillsbank crew were great.. Thanks again

Suzanna Christison - Co-ordinator, Evolve at Typo.


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