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Corporate or Employee Volunteering is a commitment by a commercial organisation to encourage staff to volunteer in the non-for-profit sector. It is one way a business can fulfill their social responsibility. It ranges from individual volunteer effort through to team or whole of company involvement. Steadily growing in popularity, corporate volunteering involves contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources by the company's workforce.

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

Employees gain numerous skills including planning, budgeting, communication, accountability, reporting, organisational and time management. Employee perspective and attitude shifts to:

  • Personal fulfillment and job satisfaction
  • More innovative response to difficulties
  • Appreciation of team work benefits
  • Increased sense of community and social obligation

Not only can your employees significantly benefit from community volunteering activities, but so can your business.

  • Engaging in low-cost, short-term, low risk and high-impact ways of making knowledge, skills and experience of business sector accessible to your non-profit sector profile and image
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Building understanding, employee skill and better communities

How to start

Recognising the value of business engaging with people in the community, a corporate volunteering program can start in various ways.

  • Your company establishes an employee volunteer program and promotes to the not-for-profit sector
  • Not-for-profit organisation identifies volunteering opportunity and approaches a business with a formal proposal
  • Your employee volunteers with a not-for-profit organisation and subsequently requests for support
  • Your business makes information on volunteering opportunities available to employees
  • Your business offers pro-bono (free of charge) services to one or more not-for-profit organisations
  • Your company decides to support a particular community service organisation and invites employees to also contribute their time and skills
  • Your company may wish to make a financial contribution to a NFP organisation

If you are a business looking to place your staff with a not-for-profit organisation or able to accept corporate volunteers, please contact Community Skillsbank on (03) 5721 0258.

If your company already has a corporate volunteering program, join the Volunteering Australia Corporate Volunteering Register and help not-for-profit organisations seek out suitable corporate volunteering partners.

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